Stefanie Lo

Central Park Conservancy

Central Park Conservancy


Microsite concept for the Central Park Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that fundraises the operating budget and maintains the grounds of Central Park in New York City. To drive awareness and encourage donations for Central Park, users can purchase a virtual piece of the Great Lawn for $10 and play the game. They can connect via Facebook and along with their friends, customize their plot of land, complete maintenance tasks and earn rewards—all for a good cause.

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  • Design

Landing Page

Designed the landing page with an overhead view of the park so users can see the vast amount of land there is to choose from and explore further. To entice the user to purchase and play, an activity feed is prominently displayed to show real-time actions of other users already engaged in the game.


Once the user has deep-dived into a section of the park, they can choose a specific plot of land to purchase. 360° controls enable the user to explore and see which plots have already been sold. If they're already signed in with Facebook, they'll also be able to see plots their friends have purchased.


Checkout User Flow

Also designed overlays and created a simple checkout process with form fields. Once completed, the user is directed to the Owner's Oath page, where they must make a dedication to upkeep their plot of land. After the user accepts, they can start playing the game.


Game Interface

Within the game, the user can now decorate their land and maintain it. I kept the plot of land front and center, since the focus is to customize their plot. To add land ornaments and decorations, the user can drag and drop items straight from the toolbox. They'll get notifications when tasks need to be completed to earn badges and unlock more features.


Task Overlays

Depending on the season, users will continue to complete various tasks and can earn an endless amount of badges throughout the year.


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