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Macy's Flower Show 2015

Macy's Flower Show 2015


Desktop site design for Macy's Flower Show, an annual welcome to spring event in Macy's marquee stores. The show was hosted in 5 cities—New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco—and each store featured breathtaking floral sculptures and gardens throughout the 2-week event. The sitelet provided the official visitor information, promoted in-store events, and generated excitement for the show.

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    Art Direction

Landing Page

Main objective was to provide relevant content that targets the customer in each of the 5 cities through a localized market strategy. Designed landing page and navigation so users can easily filter through to their local city and quickly get to relevant content.



City Page

Designed a flexible template to accommodate all five city pages. Since each city has its own event planning teams operating independently, I needed to account for last-minute information flowing in for each section at various times. Thus, all content is tied to a CMS for easy updating, and each section is designed horizontally so it can easily be hidden if there's no content yet. I also worked closely with development, and provided art direction on parallax scrolling and intro animations. 


About Page

Features flower show history and provide content for users that aren't within each of the 5 major cities.



Worked closely with marketing and met all objectives to align with localized market strategy. +17.6% increase in total sessions for city pages compared to previous year. Generated over $300K in associated sales.  


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